Migrating our Videos from YouTube to Rumble

The complaint we get here every day is that you have to log into YouTube to view our videos. YouTube is anti gun and restricts most all firearms videos. We fall into that category and are punished accordingly.

A new video platform, Rumble, has welcomed the firearms community with open arms with one caveat, you sometimes have to watch a commercial. After a few seconds a Skip Ad button comes up and you can click it and go straight to our video.

I know there will be detractors saying we switched to make more money, which is not the case. We are paid fractions of a cent on every view. We switched so there would be no need to register and belong to a video host to watch our videos. It is for the convenience of our customers.

I have started a NEW Rumble Channel “Pistolsmithing with Jack Weigand” where I will soon be posting informational videos on all phases of Pistolsmithing. I will be looking at the mechanical side and the business side so please stay tuned for that. The following is a link to the new channel https://rumble.com/c/c-4798785