Post Covid 19 Updates August 3 2022

I do hope everyone is doing well after the Pandemic. As you well know things have changed due to the Pandemic and we are no exception to that. Here are some quick updates from here.

We no longer have full time sales staff. If you have been trying to call we have very limited phone hours. Generally we answer the phone from 11 AM to 2 PM EST Monday through Thursday. We do the best we can. The best way, today, to communicate with us is through email. Please use the following format for the best results. I generally answer email questions evenings and weekends. I know what it is like to be stranded trying to get something installed so I try to be avaliable.

Sales Help: Send us an email with the following information.
The Manufacturer of your firearm:
The EXACT and correct model of your firearm:
The caliber of your firearm:
Barrel length for handguns:
Photos are always a great help:
What mount is it you are asking about:

Technical Help: Send us an email and photo of the issue with the following information.
The Manufacturer of your firearm:
The EXACT and correct model of your firearm:
The caliber of your firearm:
Barrel length for handguns:
The exact Weigand part number you are asking about:
The issue you are experiencing:

Random suggestions:
Screws Come Loose: If you have a screw or screws come loose, please refer to my many blog posts on thread locker and how to apply it correctly. It is simply a thread locker issue not a scope mount or screw issue. Our scope mount designs are mature and well evolved and we have a minimal amount of legitimate issues.

Purchasing the Correct Parts: Please do your research before making a purchase. Our return and exchange policy’s will cost you time and money so do your homework before purchasing.
When assisting you making a purchase remember we are working with the information you give us. We know our products in and out and can get you the correct part the first time if you give us the correct information. We are also not responsible for you getting the incorrect part if we help you choose, we just go by the information you give us.

Returns and Why There is a 20% Charge
(exchanges there is no fee just return shipping)

We accept and retrieve your order from our shopping cart
It is individually processed and the credit card transaction done
We get charged for each transaction
Your order is printed
We then have to purchase shipping for that order
A shipping label is printed
The order is now picked packed and sent to shipping (some supplies cost involved)
Your order is picked up by the shipper and you are sent tracking information

If you RETURN the order (not exchange)
You have to call us for an RA#, phone time generally
We then have to receive the order and look up all of the paperwork
We have to open and inspect the parts for damage
Generally some or all of the packaging is unusable so we have to replace it.
We have to process your order as a return
We have to do a credit to your account which there is a transaction fee
All the products have to be returned to stock.

There are quite a few steps in this process and the lowest paid person here is paid $20 per hour. The 20% return fee is there to cover some of the above costs.

Small business, especially a small American manufacturer, is no longer an easy business to run. We are struggling to survive just like every other business owner today so we ask for a little grace in this area.

We thank you for using our products and we are always here to help you with any issues or questions