WEIG-A-TINNY® is our registered trademark for an all new kind of scope mount. It incorporates all of the great features of the old standard Weaver style scope mounts and the new features of PICATINNY. We have found many sight, scope ring, dot sight and optic company’s advertise that their products fit both Weaver and PICATINNY style mounts. The long and short of it is that in most cases this is just not true. We have, through research, found that it is generally a crazy mix of both types of mounting features. What we did was to design just the rite combination of Weaver style and PICATINNY so that our mounts will accommodate most any kind of attaching point you choose. If the manufacturer says it will fit either Weaver style or PICATINNY style it will mount on our WEIG-A-TINNY® scope mounts. Click the following links for further details.


Full Line of WEIG-A-TINNY® Scope Mounts