Jack Weigands’ Bio

Weigand Combat Handguns was established in 1982 by Jack Weigand and, after
experiencing immediate growth, Jack incorporated the business in 1986. Jack has spent all of his adult life shooting, studying and working on firearms. In 1985, when the idea of installing scopes on competition handguns was still in its infancy, Jack began to apply his knowledge of extrusion applications he learned as a custom parts fabricator to designing stronger, more versatile handgun mounting systems. This skill and expertise is reflected today in his outstanding and innovative, lightweight scope mount designs. Over the years, Jack has constantly strived to increase his ability, knowledge and professionalism. This dedication to professionalism is demonstrated in the following list of accomplishments:

1999 Pistolsmith of the Year (American Pistolsmiths Guild)
Featured Five Times on Top Magazine Covers
President of the American Pistolsmiths Guild 2000, 2001, 2002
Presidents Award Winner 2000 and 2003 (American Pistolsmiths Guild)
Former Member, American Pistolsmiths Guild
Former Double Action Revolver Inspector for prospective Guild applicants
Former 1911 Inspector for prospective Guild applicants
Nominated Pistolsmith of the Year, 1998
Panel Member of “Ask the Experts” Shooting Times Magazine
Former Custom Shop Director, Springfield Armory
Design Consultant, Taurus Custom Shop
American Handgunner Magazine “Club 100” Member
NRA Endowment Member
NRA 1911 Pistolsmithing Instructor (9 Years at Montgomery Community College summer seminars)
NRA Certified Firearms Instructor (Former)

Long a believer in competition as a testing ground for his theory, Jack boasts an impressive list of shooting accomplishments that includes:

Professional Member of Team Springfield Armory
Professional Member of Taurus Custom Shooting Team
Member, Caspian Arms Shooting Team
Member, Practical Shooting International Shooting Team
Writer of “Behind The Barricade” column for Practical Shooting International
IPSC Master Class Shooter
NRA Action Pistol Grand Master
IDPA Master Class
Former Holder of Four NRA Action Pistol National Records
Over 250 wins in Practical Pistol Matches

The application of custom features found on all Weigand Combat Handguns has been forged in the furnace of intense, high level competition, proven by countless law enforcement officers in the streets of our cities and acclaimed for pinpoint accuracy by trophy hunters that depend on Jack’s unwavering pledge of excellence to bring home their prize. Semi-Auto Pistols and Revolvers, hand crafted by Jack, have been featured on the covers of American Handgunner, Guns, Custom Combat Handguns, plus twenty feature articles by recognized, noted gun writers have brought Jack’s impressive talent to the forefront of the American Shooting Community.

Weigand Combat Handguns Inc. is no longer offering Pistolsmithing services. We thank all of our loyal customers from over the past 30 years. We are now into phase two of WCH Inc. and are fast becoming the leader in Scope Mount design and manufacturing. Watch for new product announcements on our web site.