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We are here to help but, don’t be impolite

We are here to help you with installation issues with our parts, we love helping. Generally we see the issue is the wrong part has been ordered, the installation video has not been watched and the instructions have not been read CAREFULLY. All of this is fine, we get it. What I have been seeing is an increase in people just starting out with a bad attitude and feeling they know more than we do. Trust me, after 30+ years of designing and manufacturing scope mounts and tools I know the products inside out and most all of the applications. If I am giving you advice you can bet I am usually correct.

If you call us and are ignorant or impolite to my employees they are instructed to tell you to hold for me. If that happens, I would hang up if I were you, it is not going to go well for you at all. My employees are my family and I am very protective of my family. There is no need to mistreat my family because you are having difficulty installing one of our products. Take a breath, relax and know we are going to help you. We are going to make everything OK.

Here is what I see most every week as issues people have and the cure.

Ordering the wrong mount. This is the biggest issue I see. Take care to read all of the information on each product pages. If you have a moment watch the installation video. If after that you are unsure of what to part order send us an email and a photo of your firearm. Firearm models, names and types can be confusing but we can help.

Using NON USA made Allen Wrenches. Allen type wrenches made other that here are not usable when working on firearms. Our screws are USA made and very close tolerance. If your Allen wrench fits too loose then get good wrenches. We have a kit for $5, made in the USA. The second issue is not inserting the wrench all the way in the head. When we get stripped screws back they are always stripped half way into the head where the wrench was not inserted all the way in. Take your time and get the wrench all the way in.

Not degreasing the screws and threaded holes and applying thread locker incorrectly. If you have screws come loose this is what caused it. Screws on our products will not come loose if you degrease correctly and apply the thread locker correctly. Spray the screws and threaded holes with carburetor or brake cleaner. Blow the threads off and the holes out with compressed air. If there is oil or grease on the threads there is a good chance the thread locker will not cure correctly. Then add thread locker to the screw threads and the threaded hole and allow to dry. Good to go.

Over the past few years I have personally examined every return we have gotten. 95% of all of our return are not an issue with our products but generally installation issues. Our products evolve from customer input and any legitimate issues we find. We constantly tweek our products trying to make them the best possible products we can.

If you encounter an issue please do the following.

Send us an informative email with all of the facts. Your firearm make and model, caliber, the part number on the part you received from us and a photo of your firearm and the fitment or installation issue. Email it to the email on our contact page. We will get back to you with help as soon as possible.

We thank you for using our products and we are always here to help you with any issues.

Scope Mount Fitment Problems

The biggest reason scope mounts have mounting issues are the places we choose to mount them on the firearm. We can all agree that no one likes to drill and tap their firearms? Sometimes there is no other choice but to do so but we would all rather not. As a designer, to design a no drill and tap mount, I have to pick a place or places to attach the mount to existing features on the firearm. That can consist of front sight slots, rear sight slots, existing tapped holes and so on. Here is where the problem comes in. When the manufacturer machines whatever holes or slots into your firearm they generally do not do it with the intention of us mounting something on them. They keep the tolerances they need to make the part they are attaching work, not our scope mount. Let me give an example.

RUGER® GP-100 rear sight elevation screw hole. We use that for mounting the rear portion of our mount to that particular revolver. RUGER® uses that hole strictly to mount the rear sight using the elevation screw. For their application the screw hole can move a little forward or backward and the hole still works for their purposes. We would love to have the hole in the same place all of the time but it is not there for our use. We have to design around these types of things all of the time. When we manufacture a new scope mount we will run a small batch and sell them to customers. If we get feedback from customers having problems we document it and adjust accordingly. We may have to elongate a hole or move it forward or backwards to get it to a sweet spot where it fits all applications. We document most all customer input and fine tune our dimensions until we no longer get calls about the mount having fitment issues.

This is not an excuse it is just a little explanation of why things don’t fit just perfectly all the time. We can hold +-.001 dimensionally all day but you have to come up with the sweet spot first to get the machined feature in the correct position. We strive every day to design and manufacture the best parts available. We run small lots and do regular inspections on all of our parts to keep quality superior.