No Drill and Tap VS No Gunsmithing

We don’t manufacture No Gunsmithing scope mounts but we do manufacture a lot of no drill and tap scope mounts. In my opinion all scope mounts require a good gunsmith to install them. I talk to hundreds of people a week and I can generally tell in a minute or so if you should be installing your own scope mount. Lets face it, some people are just not mechanically inclined. Just like you would not want me presenting the closing argument at your trial, not in my gifting package.

I suggest that everyone find a competent gunsmith and have he or she install your scope mount. If you feel you have the mechanical abilities then go for it. I do suggest that anyone installing one of our mounts read the instructions and check out our growing You Tube library of videos.

Lots of little issues crop up installing any scope mount. The most common I hear is the screws are too long. If you can not shorten a screw you should not really be installing a scope mount. Top straps on revolvers in particular vary in thickness. We always try to design our mounts and screws so that there are no exposed threads on the bottom of the top strap. What happens is these recesses collect led and gunpowder residue and can actually affect the function of the revolver, sometimes creating drag on the cylinder. This is why we keep the screws as long as possible and can some times stick out a thread or two.

My point in all of this is that guns vary widely dimension wise so be prepared to do a little gunsmithing when installing any scope mount. No drill and tap does not necessarily mean no gunsmithing.

3 thoughts on “No Drill and Tap VS No Gunsmithing

  1. Robert Barnett

    There is still a huge amount of confusion regarding the use of a Single Six no-drill mount on a Single Seven 327. Could you please clarify. The new Lipsey guns all have oversized mill cuts,rendering the rear sights to loose while firing. I use several of your no-drill mounts on GP 100’s and RedHawks. Any advice will be appreciated.

  2. Jack Weigand Post author


    Thanks so much for the question.

    Our RSSWMS/B Single Six scope mount will NOT work on the Single Seven 327. The mount was designed primarily for rimfire versions of the Single Six. Obviously the smaller .32 center fire calibers are no problem but the 327 is a no go as far as we are concerned. We are suggesting our drill and tap version for the Single Seven application RASWMS/B which can be found at the following link.

    I have not seen the Lispi guns you have referred to so I can’t be of much help there. I hope this is of some help.

    Jack Weigand

  3. Robert Barnett

    Thanks for the prompt reply. The Lipsey 327’s have sight cuts measuring .320 in. While the sight body measures .303 in. This allows the sight body to swing side to side ,causing the retainer pin to walk out. This same condition exist on RUGER SP 101 and GP 100’s. I will decide on drilling and tapping. Thanks For making an excellent product. Robert Barnett

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